"To the poet, the keys of the mind lay dangling...

Lightly over the heart

Easily found

By searching fingers

To open the hearts of others"


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Keynote Poet: Khadijah Queen

We are pleased to welcome Khadijah Queen as our 2019 Keynote Poet. Guests will be able to see Ms. Queen in two ways:

"I’m So Fine is an accumulation of the speaker’s seeming “chance” encounters with men until Khadijah Queen unzips these “chance” meetings to their bones exposing this: there is no “chance” no “un-intention” no “misunderstanding” when it comes to the language and gestures men are forever devising and revising against the female body’s sexualities and desires. This is an accumulation that is the feminine memory, that has had enough, that has disengaged from the old to create a new layering." — Natalie Diaz

"Queen’s beautifully crafted experiment is a mastery of both imagined and received poetic forms."—  BOMB Magazine

“The book is an investigation of celebrity culture and toxic masculinity that moves at a lyrical sprint, stuffed with characters and movements, with the ampersand often serving as the only available punctuation. We rush along with Queen, experiencing the world as she does, and wanting, like her, to desperately fight our way out of it.”—Hanif Abdurraqib for The New Yorker


VIP Ticket Holders:

Keynote Address to follow our VIP poetry reading at the William's Stables Theater (Across the street from the Teller House) at 4:45 pm. Ms. Queen will read some of her work, give the Keynote Address, and take a few questions.

General Admission Ticket Holders:

Attend Ms. Queen's book signing and Meet n' Greet, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Learn more about Khadijah Queen at http://www.khadijahqueen.com/

Photo credit: Michael Teak 2018